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Sick, dehydrated, distressed? ThriveIV is here to provide relaxation, recuperation, and wellness treatments, and all-around goodness for anything that might be ailing you. Our registered nurses and highly-trained physicians are here to make those aches and pains a thing of the past.

Home IV Therapy
About Thrive IV


Did you know that your body absorbs less than 60% of your oral vitamins? Get 100% absorption with an IV for immediate results.
IV therapy is the fastest way to distribute vital minerals, nutrients, medications, and electrolytes to the body. After all, that’s why hospitals use them! At our state-of-the-art relaxation facility, you’ll be able to receive the same efficient treatment without the medical hassle.

How Does it Work?

1. Appointment-

Make an appointment and fill out paperwork from our scheduling link, check for an email. If you are unsure of which awesome infusion or injection is best for you, you'll have a chance to talk to one of our experienced clinical staff when you come in. Bring a friend or loved one to each receive $10 off your infusion.

2. Relevant Health Information

Bring any recent lab results or other pertinent health information with you to your appointment

3. Consultation-

An RN, Physician, or Medic will review your health history with you. Vital signs will be taken, and an IV inserted. Don’t worry- we use small needles for only a slight discomfort.

4. Infuse for 45-60 min

Kick back, relax, and infuse for 45-60 minutes in our massage recliners. Or bring your stuff with you to catch up on work. Private rooms are available.

5. Leave feeling great and energetic.

You can now take on the world!

Home Flu & Cold

FAqs for ThriveIV

IV hydration isn't just for star athletes and partiers with hangovers. It's a great choice for those who have a poor diet, for those who want to prioritize their health, for those who want to build and maintain their immune system, for those undergoing pre and post-surgery procedures, for those traveling, for those who are stressed, dehydrated, having cold/flu symptoms, busy parents, etc. The better question is: “Who are these infusions NOT for?” Anyone with a history of edema, fluid overload, Congestive Heart Failure would not qualify for infusions.

OF COURSE! That is what we are here for. Coming in at the beginning of a cold, viral infection, etc is the perfect time to come in. It is much more effective to combat sickness when it first starts than it is to chase it.

Our experienced staff will review your health history and discuss your chief complaint to suggest the best option for you, as well as discuss benefits for each option.

Everyone's metabolism and vitamin deficiencies are going to be different, however most clients have a noticeable improvement of their symptoms within 24 hours. Some even notice it before their infusion is finished! Most clients say they continue to feel great for several days up to 3 weeks.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Most of our clients come to get infusions once or twice a month, while others come in when they are sick or need a boost. It all depends on your metabolism, deficiencies, and budget.

Absolutely, you are more than welcome to, as long as they are well behaved and can stay in the room with you. (You are responsible for any damage from a misbehaved child.) We have private rooms with 2 chairs. If you bring someone with you to infuse together, you will both receive $10 off your infusions!

Our board certified physician has established protocol-driven formulas for those who qualify. Our experienced staff will review your health history to evaluate whether you are able to receive certain medications or if there is something that disqualifies you.

Yes, we will come to you! We can usually accommodate same-day mobile appointments, but advanced planning is always preferred to ensure we get to you when you want us to. We can come to your house, hotel room, office, business, etc. We do charge a concierge fee, depending on your location. But we can waive it if you have a group of 5 or more IVs.

We offer group discounts, free IVs for brides and grooms, employer health discounts, and much more! If you are a business owner or manager and would like to offer our services to your employees, we can offer massive discounts. Call 765-202-0789 or email [email protected] for further information and pricing.

We LOVE working with other businesses to offer our services. Call 765-202-0789 or email [email protected] for planning. 


Join the ThriveIV family! By becoming a member with us, you’ll get amazing access to regular IV treatments at great prices. Commit to improving your health and wellness today!
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